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[Latest Version] BitLife v3.2.5 God Mode (Unlimited Money) MOD Game Download for Android

Within BitLife the Life Simulator, you have the freedom to select any job, be it office worker, businessperson or farmer … as well an addict or wanted criminal. Based on the wishes of each individual they are all qualified to experience the game. The point here is to take on the job you want. As singers, you will need to study vocals and as an entrepreneur, you need to understand the best ways to invest. ,… regardless of what your personal circumstances are the path to success is created by you. Don’t be too concerned about it, as you are entitled to have a wide range of lives. The number of lives you can have is endless. If you’re truly stuck, pick a new character and begin from scratch. Try to be the most accountable for the character you design and finish it at the end of your life to evaluate your previous decisions. This will help you in actual life.


The life you live will last from birth until death. You’ll also eat live, study, participate in sports, marry or work and end up dying. Therefore, your life quality is also measured by evident criteria for happiness physical and economics, mental health and appearance. Utilize this five line of sight to control your daily life. Whatever your occupation, be sure to be in balance with these 5 indicators. For instance, if you work for too long at work, your cost of living will rise very high however it will affect your health and be poor. This will lead to a number of ailments that will develop and you may even die at an early age. If you concentrate too much on appearance and don’t make money and your life will turn out to be difficult; when poverty comes and family life will be in danger. In the end, your appearance will be a mess.

The facilities of surprise are Always available

Bad luck or good luck can strike you at any time you do not imagine. Sometimes, it makes your life’s trajectory change quicker than how your ex changed. Imagine that you were in high school working and studying, and just as you began to achieve your success, an incurable condition occurred, and you died mysteriously. It’s quite absurd however, it’s all an aspect of life that BitLife Life Simulator Life Simulator wants to convey to you.

A GAME CONTAINS Elements 17+

It’s a fascinating detail that is appealing to many gamers. In the end you are free to choose to live a life of pleasure. You are entitled to meet a love interest during your teens, and especially if you are able to afford it to lure them. If you’re not equipped with the expertise, you can be an adult at a young age. One-night parties and the use of drugs, gaming… can be things that you are able to engage in , if it’s legal in your nation.


Even though it’s a simulation sport, BitLife is a game that Life Simulator will provide you with many different moments and lessons. You can look at the choices you make as a child and examine how it impacts the future of your life. Try to try any job (Entrepreneur or teacher, musician, … ) and go through the challenges and accomplishments, and determine whether you’re suited. Of obviously, not all of them are real however, it can assist you greatly throughout your life.


It’s probably one of the least enjoyable thing to do, however because it can earn money, it’s not possible to ignore this. You’ll need funds to keep the running your business, buy what you’d like and to provide for your family members.


Once every once in awhile, going to out to a club isn’t bad. It will help you lower stress levels and allows you to get to know new people. Who could be your next friend? Additionally, you’ll be confronted with various situations in the club such as being involved in an argument, or receiving marijuana from others as well as other.


It’s essential to maintain your body good shape to look better and be more attractive to others. Additionally an ideal fit can help you maintain your good physical condition. This is beneficial when you have burglars in your home, being in a fight with bullies, and the list goes on.

Plastic surgery

Another option to achieve good appearance is to visit the plastic surgeons. If the procedure is successful, it will transform you into a stunning human being. There are better odds of meeting a beautiful woman.


It is always the best method of achieving success. However, the methods of learning are usually tedious and boring, and it will take a significant amount of time to complete your education. If you’re not a fan of the monotony, then there are alternatives to achieve success.


If you’re not keen to learn, then there are many other options to make money relatively quickly. One of them is to visit the Casino where gamblers put their lives in danger. You can win and gain a fortune that could be a lifelong working. If you lose, there’s nothing.

Convict infractions

If you’re not earning enough money from the casino it is likely that gambling may not be your style. In this instance, why not consider taking off your company elsewhere? Particularly, criminal routes aren’t that bad for you. However, if you don’t end up getting caught, sure. But, as I said it is possible to earn substantial money from engaging in illegal activities.


If you’re unfortunate enough to end up in jail, the experience could be a bit darker. While in prison, there aren’t lots of things to do that can eventually lead to poor health, unhappy and so on.

So, if you’re not able to take it anymore then you could plan an escape route to enjoy your freedom. Also, you can request a leniency to your sentence.

Interactive NPCs with realistic characteristics

With many interactive NPCs that have realistic features gamers can enjoy thrilling interactions with other characters within the game. You can invite them to be your friends or a date, or your own romantic partner if wish. Each character has specific characteristics that define them.

Make your own decisions

You design the events sequence that you want to play for your character by selecting the actions that each character’s timeline will have. BitLife The Life Simulator will create a sequence of actions for your character through various levels. The process is as simple as when you’re taken by your mom to be vaccinated and the game gives you the option of protesting with a bite on your mom’s hands or to develop into a responsible child by obeying.

Once a child reaches the age of 6 which is the minimum age for school, as a student, they have the opportunity to interact with students and teachers at school. Additionally, you can join groups, charities, and so on. The game is designed so that the milestones look as common to many people. You will attend high school and later finish your education. In this moment you’ll decide on what you would like to pursue. You may continue your education by going to the university or get a job and complete military service.


Think about the basics of your character BitLife The Life Simulator is Health, Happiness as well as Intelligence, Appearance, and Health. It is important to be attentive to the one that matters most is Health. If you are in good health, you’ll enjoy more participation in daily activities. Don’t be too concerned about your appearance since it will not impact your future. It could change if you opt to have cosmetic surgery. There are many options to choose from but each one has different outcomes, and sometimes death.

Earn money to get yourself A SECURE ECONOMY AND MARIAGE

When you make the decision to join BitLife and BitLife – Life Simulator, you need to understand how to manage your finances in a proper manner. No matter who you are is able to make use of your money to control your finances effectively. You can invest into real estate purchasing an automobile or starting a business, or even spending cash on casinos. All your choices determine your life later. There is an Assets category in the menu bar, which is the place where you can manage your assets.

If your professional career is booming or you’re old enough to be dating there are many people around you to have a fling with. If you find a woman to be with, you’ll get married to her. But, you’ll also be able to make choices to ensure your family is content. There are families that are not all happy and peaceful. Even after you are married, there are girls who are attracted to you. The decision to get married or to remain faithful to your family’s life takes in many directions.

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