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Collecting type games aren’t exactly new. We’ve seen them before a lot such as Pokemon, Digimon and plenty of others. But there are still a lot of interesting games involving these ones. Dragon City is one such game that allows you to create your very own city full of dragons. The goal here is simple, collect, breed and fight.
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Dragon City Mod Apk 22.7.5 (Unlimited money/gems/Food) App Download for Android

Games of the collecting genre are not quite new. Many of them, including Pokemon, Digimon, and a great many more, have been seen before. However, there are still a lot of fun games that involve these. One such game that lets you build your very own city full of dragons is called Dragon City. The objective is to gather, breed, and battle. Since its 2012 release, the game has received over 100 million installs. It remains one of the most played games in the Google Play Store right now, and for a variety of reasons. primarily because it’s a unique game with lots of unique features for everyone. Almost anyone can play it, and you can compete with other players as well.

A World Filled With Dragons
Dragons are purely fantastical creatures, but they have served as inspiration for several films, television shows, literature, and even video games. Despite being large, hazardous, and fire breathing, they are ubiquitous in modern culture. A lot of people think they’re cool, leading to the creation of games like Dragon City.

For the past eight years, Dragon City has been a well-liked game. Even though it has been downloaded many times, it is still active today. You would never get bored playing this game, whether you’ve played it for the first time or for hundreds of hours. We’re telling you everything there is to know about Dragon City in this post because of this. Keep reading for some fantastic

Dragon City: 7 Reasons to Play
Do dragons enchant you? Are you against them? Do you worry about them? Or maybe you just like them? In Dragon City, you can play with them regardless of your viewpoint! Here are seven good reasons to get the game.

1.Over a thousand great dragons to collect —

Since dragons are Dragon City’s major attraction, you can gather over a thousand amazing dragons! However, obtaining them all would demand a significant investment in terms of both time and money. However, having several dragons under your city that you can control is merely a pleasant feeling. Each of them is distinct and possesses distinctive qualities. They are also divided into different classes. Dragons fall into ten categories, with 10 being the highest. The maximum hit points it can deal with increases up to 9,000 as you move up the category. Of course, the more difficult a dragon is to acquire, the higher its category.

2.You can customize your dragons –

Skins are available here, just like in many other mobile online games. You may buy and collect a ton of different skins for your dragons. Each of them has a distinctive animation that can improve your dragon’s appearance. Although it doesn’t grant them more attack points, it’s a fantastic method to impress your rivals. Here, you can also embellish your city and make it a dragon paradise! In the city, everything is yours, but great things cost money to purchase. Try to build your dragons a suitable paradise!

3.Fight actual players in PvPs –

In addition to completing Dragon Quests, you can also engage in PvP combat. As this is a simulation game, you’ll be attacking one another alternately. However, a number of dragons can be equipped according on the slot. Next, you can decide the skill you want to employ on each turn. The objective is to exterminate every opponent dragon before they can exterminate yours. Of course, you can level up more quickly the more powerful your dragons are. But keep in mind that you’ll be paired with players of comparable skill levels to ensure an equal playing field. It’s important to keep in mind that depending on the dragon’s element, some attacks could not be effective.

4.Skills and developments

Your dragons can learn a variety of skills, as was already established. Each of them has advantages and drawbacks of their own. However, the most crucial aspect is that you can gather Orbs to strengthen your dragons. In addition, you can level up your dragons as you win more battles. Then, when their stats increase, they will get stronger. Make an effort to make each of your dragons strong so you can consistently prevail!

5.Alliances of dragons –

You can join alliances of dragons here that have interests similar to your own. The alliance members are available for discussion, orb trading, event participation, and alliance chest opening. Joining an alliance that you feel comfortable with has a wonderful quality. You will be able to grow significantly as a result and improve as a trainer. Join one right away to talk with other dragon enthusiasts!

6.Goals to achieve –

The game also has goals that will help you decide what to do at the beginning of the game. Every time you fulfill a goal, you’ll receive a reward, depending on the objective. Every day, there are a ton of different goals that need to be accomplished. There are times when the game will instruct you to cut down a large tree quickly, use your dragons in battle, or perform other tasks. You’ll find that the goals get much tougher to accomplish as you play more. This is expected as you get stronger.

7.Excellent controls and graphics –

This 3D dragon game has everything a player could possibly want. Thanks to the straightforward UI design, you have complete control over everything and the city and dragons look fantastic. Additionally, you don’t have to remember combos when battling other dragons. To choose a skill, embellish your city, and other actions, you simply tap on the screen.

How to Play Dragon City?
A amazing game about dragons is called Dragon City. But if you’ve never played this game before, you can be perplexed about a lot of things. You don’t need to worry because we are here with some useful advice for beginners!

Dragon City Mod Apk 22.7.5 (Unlimited money/gems/Food) App Download for Android.


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