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The sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead (70+ million downloads)!
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march 3, 2022
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Into The Dead 2 v1.50.1 (Money/Ammo/VIP) MOD APK Download for Android

Zombies are dead people who come back as undead creatures. In this game, zombies are scary because they eat your brains. Your goal is to survive by killing them off. You must kill them before they get to you!Zombies are hungry creatures that want to eat human flesh. When they smell blood, they come out of hiding. In order to escape from them, you need to shoot them as fast as possible. You should also try to get away from them or go to the nearest safe place.In this horror game, the player must go to rescue the girl named Halen who was kidnapped by a group of zombies. Zombies are everywhere, and your character does not have enough ammunition to fight back effectively. You can only use shotguns to kill them. When you shoot an object, you can collect some bullets. But if you use up all of them, you’ll soon encounter death.The game has 7 chapters, 60 levels, and many challenges with increasing difficulty. There are also several endings in the game. The story in the games changes based on how the player progresses.

You must run away from the zombies as quickly as possible, but you should also pay attention to the quest. There are many quests available, including killing five zombies at once, collecting all ammo along the way, losing no bullets, and upgrading weapons. Your companion dog protects you from the zombies. You can also upgrade your tank, increasing your damage, speed, reload speed, and health.This is a horror game about zombies. You need to run away from them. But if you stay still, you’ll get caught by them. And if you’re caught, you’ll be killed. That’s how this game works.

He drove into a dead end. There were no lights or streetlights, and he could barely see anything. He crashed into a car and killed a man. Then he got out of the truck and started stabbing people. Zombies came after him. He ran away and hid in an abandoned house.Zombies are slow moving creatures that attack people in the dark. They are very fast but they move slowly. Players must be careful while running because they might encounter more than one zombie at once. They also have an arsenal of weapons to kill them.

Players are quickly introduced to the game and learn how to play. They must avoid being caught by the zombie while shooting them. There is a limited supply of bullets, but players can replenish it using the health pack.The player controls the character by using the arrow keys to move left and right. When the character runs into zombies, he will be attacked. To avoid being killed, the player must press the spacebar key to jump over a zombie. When the character reaches the fence, he will automatically jump over it.There are three types of zombie: normal zombies, infected zombies, and brainless zombies. Normal zombies are slow and weak but can be killed easily. Infected zombies are fast and strong but can be killed with a single bullet. Brainless zombies do not move around or attack, but they can still be killed if shot in the head. Bullets are collected by picking them up off the ground.

In this version, you must survive in an apocalyptic world where zombies roam everywhere. To do this, you need to use your imagination and creativity to get out of dangerous situations. By using the items available and avoiding contact with the undead, you can escape. The game ends depending on the decisions made during the adventure.The game offers over sixty levels of play and hundreds unique challenges. It will immerses players into the gloomy world of Into The Dead 2. You will be immersed into the touching moments of the protagonist.

James’ wife died, but she left him a daughter. His daughter needs a new mother now. So he goes to search for a woman to be his daughter’s mother. However, he meets Helen, a woman who is also looking for someone to take care of her daughter. She lives alone because her husband died due to a car accident. James thinks that this woman could be the right person for him. Helen agrees to help him. When James gets home, he finds out that his daughter is dead. Helen tells him that his daughter is still alive. She took care of her while he was away. Helen tells him that she wants to take care of his daughter. James accepts it.As James tries to run away from the hospital, he gets into a car accident. He wakes up in a strange place. He doesn’t know who he is or how he got there. He wants to go back to his family but he can’t because he’s lost everything.


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- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.



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1. Tap the downloaded Into The Dead 2 v1.50.1 (Money/Ammo/VIP) MOD APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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