Lucky Patcher APK Mod v10.0.5 (Cleaned Resources/No Ads)

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Lucky Patcher APK Mod v10.0.5 (Cleaned Resources/No Ads) App Download for Android

Lucky Patcheris an excellent Android tool that can remove advertisements, alter permissions, get around premium apps licence verifications, and many more. This patch can be used to disable certain apps on Android Market License Verification and other verifications. To make use of this app it requires a root device. All credits go to Chelpus.

NOTE: This app has No Ads


  • Make use of “setenforce 0” at start Lucky Patcher to ensure correct operation using system files
  • Add filters to the dialogs for permisions;
  • Update custom patches;
  • Update Translations;
  • Bugs were fixed.

Mod Lite:

All languages removed, with the exception of English, SpanishGraphic compression without loss of quality
It works on All Android architectures.

Mod Color:

The icon for the application was replaced
Replaced all icons in black and white in color
Graphic compression with no loss of quality
Works with all Android architectures
Icon Pack thanks by G.P.V.33
All Languages.
Add all resolutions.

Lucky Patcher Apk Is Good App For Pach All Soft And Game For Android .
Yes, you need not know about the lucky patcher mod appk software, it is easy to install in just one minute. You’ll love it! With the Lucky Patcher software, you can patch the majority of games and programs license as well as convert games and software to cracked version! This is the most recent version of the software that has its interactive learning features from the RevDl website is available to users will be.

Lucky patcher Apk

Aspects from Lucky Patcher apk:

  • Ability to eliminate license errors from games and apps
  • In-app payment capability for no cost
  • Ability to block advertisements out of Android apps and games.
  • It has patches that are exclusive to popular apps.
  • The ability to alter Google Play.
  • Modifications to Google Play.
  • Ability to create clone versions of software.
  • Capability to record changes and build an altered version of the program.

How To Install Lucky Patcher Apk App:

  1. Download Lucky Patcher Apkfrom Revdl.
  2. Install it using the Lucky Patcher. It is necessary to click”Yes” to install the Lucky Patcher “Yes” button.
  3. Click the lucky patcher icon, and then enter it.

Lucky Patcher Apk General Software Training to Crack Android Apps:

After installing the lucky patcher app, you’ll be able to see the list of apps running on your smartphone, each of which has one color. Each of these colors have distinct meanings and concepts to explain their meaning:

Lucky Patcher Apk

The color is green. It means the app has a likely to be patched.

yellow colorThat indicates that this application has a patch specifically designed for it and if the version used matches the patch it comes with, the program has been cracked 100 100%.

Blue light colorThat signifies that the application is displaying Google advertisements and is able to be removed through patching the ads.

Color: Pink:That means this program is on the boot list. When it is launched, Android runs automatically.

The light purple color indicates that this app uses in-app transactions and the opportunity to make fake payments.

The color is red.That signifies that it isthis program doesn’t patch and has no possibility of cracking them.

The color orangeThat indicates that this application can be described as an Android system application It is a system application for Android.and you must be cautious about patching , and sometimes the application could interfere with the functionality.

Leaf indicator: Being active indicates that a lucky patcher has changed the program.

The star sign is: The sign for Star: TheODEX file was modified by modifications made by the application. If you remove ODEX this program can go back to its original state prior to patching.

How do you patch Android games and apps in Lucky Patcher:

In order to do this, press the application for a prolonged period until you see the patch menu and then choose the kind of patch that you would like to modify.

Lucky Patcher Apk


  1. Patch custom:to use a customized patch, and to be visible in the background. If this option was turned on by the program, be certain to enable it.
  2. Eliminate License VerificationTo take away the license from the game and program There are many alternatives to consider:

a. Auto modes:
This episode includes a variety of modes that patch the program automatically. It’s best to test only the first mode and if you’re not getting a response then try different modes, such as extreme and inversed mode.

Additionally, if the app is for Amazon market or the Samsung market, choose the appropriate option. If the app has been moved to the SD card. Select apply patch to the dalvik-cache.

b. Manual modes:
In this instance you can perform different patterns of patching in the Lucky Patcher. There are currently 7 patterns that can be patched within the application. If you want to patch manually, first choose the backup option, then turn on the Internet Select among the designs. press the Patch button now you are able to test the program using the launch option. If the pattern you chose did not work, choose the restore and then apply the pattern that follows. When the program has completed its patch is complete, choose the option to fix changes.

Lucky Patcher

C. Select Patterns modes If the two previous modes do not work You can also try the other options listed in this section.

Lucky Patcher

  1. Eliminate Advertisements from Google Advertisements:by use this option you can get rid of ads from programs that offers two different options and if the first choice isn’t working you can try the other option.
  1. Help patch to support InApp and LVL Emulation :This option is specific to programs with an in-app payment option. In reality this patch works just like the freedom’s famous program once you have patched the app using this option following to the application and running it. application for in-app payment. the payment options of Lucky Patch will be shown to you.
  1. Modify the components of the application :By this option you can turn off or modify the components and accesses that are defined within the program.this option requires knowledge of how Android programming operates, but using tests and error method, you can determine the outcome.
  1. create modified APK fileWith this feature, you can create patched APK files that apply the patches previously mentioned on the installer file to ensure that patches don’t require a second application. After saving the modifications the file that was modified in the luckypatcher folder is saved in the memory of the phone.
  1. Eliminate ODEX by making changes:This will remove the odex feature created by its modifications and return the program to its original state.
  1. Remove selected saved file This also eliminates all the payments that are in the program and restores the program to its initial state.
  1. Backupthis choice allows you to get backups of applications

10. restore The backup feature is used to restore programs.

  1. Patch after reboot:This occurs via the Patch Option after Android is rebooted. This is an unpacked status and only for apps that require the use of a library, hence.
  2. Manual PatcherThis alternative is intended for professionals only to patch apps using modifications to the Hex fields.To make use of this option you must be knowledgeable the basics of Android programming.
  1. ODEX The application:This option provides the ODEX version of the program. Learn the full description of ODEX…
  1. Remove Package FreezeWith this choice you can stop freezing and deactivate programs that are installed, while keeping the app in use.
  2. Sharing this app:This option allows users to share the application.

We have explained every option in the Lucky Patcher program which is required to patch up . But there’s another option within the program called Toolbox. Toolbox

Certain features of the program are available. The most significant of them is the installation of a moded Google Play

You can also modify the settings of the Lucky patcher in the settings section. These settings are more akin with the user interface.

Mod 1 Lucky Patcher :
All languages have been removed, with the exception of English, Russian, Ukrainian
The graphics are compressed and optimized using Zipalign.
Round icon in the Pixel-UI style
It is not signed by the signature of the original signer

Mod 2 :
Icon replaced in Pixel style
– Languages English and Russian
New Material styles added for Android 5.x and up (buttons inside dialog boxes are styled in android5.x style)
Compression graphics

Mod 3 :
– – Replaced the icon for the application
– Replaced all white and black icons in color
Signature verification by patched Cloned
– Removed all folders that have localization values, excluding Attached image Attached a picture Attached image

Mod 4 :
– Clone Mod

Mod 5 :
– Replaced the icon of the application
– Replaced all white and black icons in color
– Graphic compression with no loss of quality
– Compatible with all Android architectures
— Icon Pack thanks by G.P.V.33
– All Languages

Lucky Patcher APK Mod v10.0.5 (Cleaned Resources/No Ads) App Download for Android

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How to install Lucky Patcher APK Mod v10.0.5 (Cleaned Resources/No Ads) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Lucky Patcher APK Mod v10.0.5 (Cleaned Resources/No Ads) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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