Sonic Forces Mod APK v (Unlimited money/Coin/Gem)


Sonic the Hedgehog is back and running in this fast and cool multiplayer racing & battle game from SEGA! Run, race and compete in multiplayer running games with real players from around the world for a true multiplayer experience! Beat other players to become the multiplayer racing game champion!
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March 4, 2022
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Sonic Forces Mod APK v4.2.0 (Unlimited Money/Coin/Gem) Android Game Download

Sonic Forces should be introduced.

Sonic is a fast-moving character who loves to race. He has different incarnations, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Cat, Sonic the Rabbit, and Sonic the Bird. It’s different for each character. Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest, and Sonic the Cat has the best jumping.

Join the “bloody” race with simple gameplay, but the fighting ability is extremely high.

Sonic is a fast-paced platformer game. In this game, you’ll collect items as you go through levels. Once you’ve got everything, you’ll use it to beat up bad guys. Sonic Forces is an addictive racing game with lots of exciting features. Every time you pass a scene or complete a mission, you’ll get some points. With these accumulating scores, you can upgrade your character by equipping battle accessories, changing weapons, and increasing your skill speed. However, the more points you earn, the more attractive scenes will appear in front of your eyes, allowing you to explore freely without fear of running out of things. Sonic Forces is currently ranked among the top 10 PvP adventure racing games on Android. The feeling of competing against other players who have similar abilities will make you want to win even more. Everyone wants to be ranked in the game’s prestigious ranks, and you won’t be any different. The game will burn the desire to win into your body.You race against another player to see who gets there first. Whoever wins will get to choose what happens next.

Remember that just being fast is not enough.

Remember that just being fast is not enough. This game is very difficult to play. You have to be clever and fast to avoid getting injured. Sometimes you’ll even get confused by the environment. There are many obstacles that are hard to recognize and dodge. When playing this game, your brain will hurt.Your Sonic character collects gold rings to increase his health. He dies if he falls off the edge of the screen or runs into an obstacle.

Graphics and sound in Sonic Forces

This is a racing game with great 3D graphics. There are many different kinds of characters in the game. You can customize your own character as you wish. The Sonic friends are cute and colorful. I love Sonic the Hedgehog!Sonic Forces is an exciting game that combines the classic style of Sonic games with new features. You can enjoy the 3D perspective and explosion effects. There are many beautiful backgrounds and colorful landscapes. The play scenes are varied in many different ways. The gameplay is fun and easy to control. The sound effects are very realistic and clear. When you get a gold ring, speed up, or get hit by bullets, the sounds are great.

MOD features

God Mode

Speed Up

No Ads

Start With 100 Rings

You use MENU to enable or disable the MOD features.

Win the Races and Collect the Best Rewards

When you play Sonic Forces APK, you’ll get lots of free stuff! You’ll get a battle chest for every race you join. You’ll also get a Victory Chest when you place in the top 3. Chests are a common source of cards; each runner needs a certain number of collected cards to unlock them. Cards for Unlocked Runners are needed so that they can level up and be upgraded. There are three different types of trophies: bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze trophies are easy to earn and require less than 10 minutes of gameplay. Silver trophies take longer but require less than an hour of gameplay. Finally, gold trophies take over 60 hours of gameplay.

Sonic Forces MOD APK for Android is now available!

Sonic Forces is a new speed game that features the super-speed and cute characters from the Sonic games. You can download this game right now. Comment:

Sonic Forces is a battle-racing game with lots of items that help you out. You can use them to fight back against opponents who get too far ahead of you. Behind-the-back attacks are sneaky, but they’re also really cool.There are many different types of racing tracks in Sonic Forces. Some of them are more difficult than others. You must pay attention to avoid crashing into walls or other objects.

Sonic’s Favorite Characters in 3D!

We all love classic Sonic. But we’d be lying if we said we didn’t appreciate a 3D edition of the Speedster hedgehogs, because we do! Luckily, the Sonic Forces boast amazing three-dimensional models of Sonic and the other characters. Try not to be distracted while racing because you’ll admire how amazing the tracks and the environments are in the game. They’re filled with striking colours, and every track is drawn out with superb attention to detail, and that’s how great the 3D graphics are in this game!


You must run fast and avoid obstacles on the road. Collect gold rings to maintain your health. Use support items to attack enemies and increase speed. There are many different terrains in this game, including hills, sanctuaries, and city roads. Characters include Sonic, Tails, and Amy.Win through the levels to unlock new terrain and characters. Upgrade your character to a stronger one. Run faster by upgrading your character.

Sonic Forces 4.2.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

You need to get loot chests to get red star rings to get better runners. To get better runners, you need to get loot chests. To get loot chests, you need to get red star rings. To get red star rings, you need to get better runners. So you need to find better runners to get loot chests. And you need to get a loot chest to get red star rings and better runners.

Sonic Forces Mod APK v4.2.0 (Unlimited Money/Coin/Gem) Android Game Download

What's new

- Bug fixes and refinements



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1. Tap the downloaded Sonic Forces Mod APK v4.2.0 (Unlimited money/Coin/Gem) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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