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 Free Download Thop TV Pro v45.7.0 Apk for Android.Thop TV Pro v45.7.0 latest & all Old version 2019,2020,2021 Download Now.

ThopTv ApkThis is the best app to watch IPl 2021 live streams and see the final of the Test World Cup Final between India and New Zealand. Thoptv APK has been very popular in recent days. Thoptv has been brought to our attention to request that you view premium content which isn’t available on the Internet.

Today, we’ll be discussing Thoptv, a live streaming TV app. We offer a link to download Thoptv for Android smartphones.ThopTv apkYou can access over 4000 TV and over 6000 radio stations on your Android device at no cost.

This app allows you to watch soccer, cricket and movies in your preferred language. You choose your preferred language like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

Your Android device can also be used to watch TV Channels and Movies and TV Web Categories. You will love the thoptv app because you can search for all channels around the globe and view them in full color, full HD, and 4K quality.

What is Thop TV Pro?

Tv and movies have been the most popular form of entertainment worldwide for many years. This is why directors, actors, and all entertainment media become more and more famous. Technology has revolutionized the way we consume media. We can now watch any movie or TV show anywhere and anytime. Netflix and other streaming services like it, you can now watch any movie or show anywhere.RedBox TVThis is possible. These services have one drawback: they are expensive!

Most people can’t afford to subscribe to streaming services for a monthly fee because they earn less than the minimum wage. For some, streaming services are a luxury that takes a lot out of their budget. Thop TV makes it easy to stream movies and TV shows without paying anything. You can now watch thousands of TV shows and movies from all over the world from your smartphone with this revolutionary app!

The app has many features you won’t find anywhere else, even paid streaming services. Thop TV is your best friend for entertainment. You can stream HD, have a large library of TV channels and radio channels, compatible with Firestick, an easy-to-use interface, favorites, customer support, subtitles, as well as HD streaming. This app is completely free for everyone worldwide. You can start watching right away, there are no hidden charges. You can read more if you are curious.

ThopTV Mod APK

You will not be able search for this thoptv app in the Google Play Store. This is because the illegal activity that thoptv can upload to the Google Play Store is not allowed. The app cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

It is possible to download it by following the instructions below. You can find out how to install it in the section below.

Features of Thop TV Pro

Today’s online streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, are available in a variety of languages.Viki APKHulu and Hulu offer amazing services. They are expensive though! Thop TV is an app that allows you to watch tons of TV shows and movies for free. Here are some of its features:

There are tons of channels for sports.Sports are a hugely popular pastime. It is only natural that you would want to see them on TV. Thop TV offers free access to all sports channels. You can find a variety of channels that cover different sports, including basketball, cricket, football and volleyball.

Movies and TV channelsThop TV is the perfect app for movie and TV show lovers who can’t afford streaming services like Netflix. Thop TV boasts 3000 TV channels around the world! The app also has over 3000 movies that you can watch immediately! Thop TV will have it! It makes it easy for you to access it.

500 Indian channelsThese channels can be accessed easily via Jio TV, Hungama TV or Pogo TV. There are also 500 other Indian entertainment channels! You can watch Bollywood entertainment from anywhere, regardless of whether you are an Indian. Indians are known for producing top-quality entertainment, including comedy, action, and drama. Thop TV has all the popular and lesser-known live channels of India!

HD streaming –Thop TV is worth the investment, especially since it supports HD streaming, even if you use MX Player. Thop TV is now available online for free so you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy premium content. You can view almost all media on this app in high-quality resolution that will amaze you. You will be more likely to pay for Netflix or cable TV with this app!

Favorites list –Thop TV allows you to save your favorite movies and tv shows for later reference. These shows can be added to your favorites list so you can watch them later. You can add them to your favorites list for later consumption! This option is available on almost all streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu. Thop TV also offers this option.

Friendly interfaceThop TV offers a friendly and easy interface that can be tailored to your specific needs. With just a few clicks, you can watch a TV show or movie. You don’t have to navigate through many different options to find what you are looking for. Thop TV has it all, and it makes it simple for seniors to enjoy the movies and tv shows that they love.Supports CAST and FirestickThop TV supports Firestick or CAST if you want to view movies and tv on a large screen. You can now enjoy your favorite movies and tv programs on a bigger screen than your phone. Talk about convenience!There are tons of categories.Thop TV has tons of movies and live TV channels for almost every category. They have everything you need, whether it’s news, entertainment, or sports. You can watch tons of content without the need for a third-party application.Chat with customer supportThe best feature of this app is its customer support chat! You read it correctly! You can use this app to contact customer service in the event of a problem.All Android devices supportedThop TV can be used on any Android device. This is a first, as streaming services typically only allow you to use the most recent Android devices.Subtitles –You can add subtitles to a foreign movie or online TV show. The app allows you to add subtitles from other sources.

No cost! Free of cost!It’s all free! It’s free to enjoy your favorite movies and tv programs!

What’s New in Version 45.6.1 Update.


  1. External Subtitle fix
  2. Error fix
  3. Player skip time change in settings
  4. Star premium tv favorite
  5. Other fixes
  6. [New]Global series search
  7. [New]Global movies search
  8. [Fix]Coliseum movies
  9. [Fix]Cinebo series
  10. [Fix]Velvet Kids
  11. [Fix]App content loading time
  12. Other fixes
  13. Live Sports Section Added
  14. IPL Recap and highlights
  15. ISL (Indian Super League)
  16. Lanka Premier League.
  17. Fix HD movies
  18. Hotstar Vip
  19. Live Ipl 2021
  20. euro cup 2020
  21. Ind vs. Eng test 2021

If you want to broadcast live TV events and sports games, this is the app for you. This app allows you to enjoy unlimited live TV shows. Here you can view the latest movie reviews, film surveys and trailers from Hollywood, Thop TV, as well as trailers.

The free TV Guide app offers live TV coverage. It includes all TV channels, web series, live news, movies and TV shows. You can also enjoy/view serials, cartoons and politics as well as music, video, games, religion, business, devotional, lifestyle, children, trending live and more.


What’s new in ThopTV latest version?


The 2021 update edition also has some updates. Every updated edition brings new features and refinements that enhance the user’s experience. These are just a few of the many.

  • Fix errors & bugs regarding videos, subtitles, etc.
  • Improved UI/UX.
  • New search options for movies, series, and others.
  • Fix content loading time.
  • No broken links.
  • Watch sports highlights, especially IPL Recaps.
  • Fix Youmovies, Youseries, Cinevo movies, Iris, and Vulture TV.
  • And many more.

Cool Features of ThopTv APK

We will discuss the features of the Thoptv app. You’ll be able to know all of its features, so we’ll give you each feature separately.

1.There are tons of sports channels

Sports are a huge passion for many! It’s natural to see them on TV. You can watch many sports channels, including basketball, cricket, soccer and volleyball. ThopTV lets you watch any game for free!

2.TV Channels and Movies

ThopTV is the app for you if you love movies and tv shows, but cannot afford streaming services such as Netflix. ThopTV has over 3000 TV channels around the world! The app has seen over 3000 movies already! ThopTV can provide you with the perfect movie for you, no matter what genre. It makes it simple for people just like you to view.

3.500 Indian Channels

You can watch Bollywood entertainment from anywhere, regardless of whether you’re Indian or not. Indians are known for producing high-quality entertainment, such as comedy, drama, and action. ThopTV has all the Indian live channels. You can also access Jio TV and Hungama TV as well as 500 Indian entertainment channels. You can find out more!

4.HD Streaming

ThopTV deserves HD streaming support, especially with MX Player. ThopTV APK is now able to offer premium streaming at no extra cost. This app allows you to view nearly all media with high resolution. It’s amazing! ThopTV will make it easy to watch instead of Netflix or cable.

5.Favorite List

ThopTV allows you to save your favorite TV shows or movies for future reference if you love them! ThopTV offers this option for almost all streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu. You can add them to your favorite list to make them available later!

6.Simple to use interface

ThopTV also offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and meets your specific needs. You can watch TV shows and movies in just a few clicks. To find what you want, you don’t have to navigate a maze. ThopTV offers it all, and it makes it simple for adults to also enjoy their favorite series and movies on ThopTV.

7.There are tons of categories

ThopTV offers tons of movies and live TV channels from almost all popular categories. It has everything you need, including news, sports, entertainment and cartoons. This allows you to view tons of content directly without the need for a third-party application.

8.Chat with Customer Support

The best feature about this app is its customer support chat! You read that correctly! If you have any problems, you can use this app to reach customer service.

9.All Android devices supported

ThopTV can be used on any Android device! This is a first for streaming services, which only allow Android devices to update.


You can add subtitles to any foreign movie or TV show online. External sources can be used to add subtitles.

11.All are welcome!

It’s completely free! It costs nothing to view your favorite TV and movie shows.


Television is the main source of video content. It is a common device in nearly every household. The TV allows you to view films, shows and other content. You can also refer to specific applications in the modern world. Thop TV is one such project that focuses on the collection of different video content. You can search for your favorite TV series, movies, and shows in high-quality quality. Also, you can watch the content live. This utility is available for Windows and MAC platforms. However, android smartphone owners can now also benefit from this project. You can also download Audio Evolution and Video Guru if you’re interested in other useful apps for your smartphone.

There are tons of TV shows and movies

Thop TV is one the most popular platforms, with the goal to broadcast various video content. Enjoy your favorite TV series and movies with a pocket video player. You can also go to Categories tab to find content from more than 20 popular genres. There are many TV series and films available for everyone. You can also watch the broadcast channels live if you don’t know what movie or series you want to see. Thop TV is home to more than 500 Indian channels.


Thop TV is all in video content. While most of the content is Indian, there are many other video content options. After you have entered the application, the main menu will open. You will find many popular videos divided into different categories. The upper left corner has a menu button that allows you to navigate between favorites, search and video content categories. You can then select a video to play. You will see sliders that adjust the brightness, quality, sound, and other aspects of the main image. It’s very convenient to have additional descriptions for most TV series and films.

 Free Download Thop TV Pro v45.7.0 Apk for Android.Thop TV Pro v45.7.0 latest & all Old version 2019,2020,2021 Download Now.


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How to install Thop TV Pro v45.7.0 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Thop TV Pro v45.7.0 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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